Communication Strategy Development

It`s development of a communication strategy that consistently conveys the characteristics of the brand to the consumer, forming in his mind a stable and correct idea of the brand

Strategic planning for long-term and short-term communications

Effective management of corporate communications and communication support for business projects require detailed planning. Without it, all actions in the information field will miss the target, and will be the cause of failures in PR sometimes.

We develop types of communication strategies for the following purposes:​
- promotion of companies and brands
- acquisitions and mergers of companies
- support of entering the "market"
- communication support for rebranding
- setting up communication channels with the target audience
- support of social projects

In order to take into account all areas in the development of the strategy, we divide the work into the following stages:

Analysis Of The Situation And Setting Goals

We analyze the company's marketing, functional strategy and sales stages, competitors and target audience. We identify communication risks and development opportunities. The results of this analysis allow you to set the right goals

Positioning Development

Proper positioning becomes the main strategy, helps to rebuild from competitors and attract the target audience

Creation of promotional materials

and distribution across channels of interaction. At this stage, we develop the format, texts and design of materials, we shoot photo and video materials. We select channels and determine the advertising budget

Launch Of An Advertising Campaign

Influence the opinion and behavior of target audiences according to a clear plan, taking into account the risks and counteractions of competitors

Monitoring And Evaluation

We control the processing of leads and their progress through the sales funnel. We evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, collect feedback and adjust the strategy

prioritet group

How to promote effectively and save advertising budget?

To promote brands, it’s not enough just to hold promotions periodically and launch advertising campaigns. System marketing involves strategic planning of steps aimed at brand promotion.

Prioritet Group offers a comprehensive approach to interaction with potential clients - the development of a communication strategy. Its difference from targeted advertising campaigns is in depth, functional changes and maximum elaboration of all communication channels.

B2B/B2C Services
Non-Profit Organizations
Startup Projects

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