Content Marketing

Content marketing service is a complex work on the creation and distribution of high-quality content about the client's business. As a result of work, for example, a corporate website turns into a powerful media resource where users can quickly find information about the company's business, become interested in a product and buy it.

A parallel task in this example is to organize the content in such a way that, in fact, a large amount of it still allows the user to conveniently and quickly find what he needs, and does not scare away the "wall of text".

We create text content in different languages

We create content for the website and social networks, make newsletters, generate newsbreaks for key industry and news resources.

We strive to ensure that the company's website has become the leading information platform in the industry. When we achieve this goal, we can say that such an online resource is a truly valuable strategic asset of the company.

A third of the Prioritet Group team are professional copywriters who, together with the project manager, are in close contact at every stage.

What Is Included In The Service Package

- interaction with search engines — publication of texts and their SEO-optimization, strategy correction after regular analysis of search results

- promotion of goods or services on social networks

- creating content for publishing on blogs and media to expand the reach of the audience

- implementation of marketing strategy on thematic sites

- increase of potential users through email newsletters and publications in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram groups

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What for business needs content marketing?

Right work with content marketing contributes to a noticeable increase in the conversion from site visitors to customers, a powerful increase in traffic, and an improvement in its quality indicators. The brand of the company begins to be perceived by the target audience as an expert and trust in it continues to grow.

B2B/B2C Services
Non-Profit Organizations
Startup Projects

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