Marketing Strategy Development

Working in the Internet marketing market, we have to deal with situations where the owners and managers of companies are not fully aware of the need for a marketing strategy to promote products or services. In theory, such a need is recognized, but in practice, the strategy is replaced by some kind of tactical marketing activities that bring a short-term effect and do not always contribute to the development of the enterprise.

Stages Of Development And Implementation

It`s obvious to need of marketing strategies both for the entire company or brand, and each product for successful companies.

Having understood the aspects of the theory of building strategies and how to implement them in practice, you can build your own promotion strategy, which will be the engine of your entire business

Successful development of a company's marketing strategy cannot do without the following stages:

Market Research

and analysis of the real state of the segment in which it is planned to promote goods or services

Definition Of The Target Audience

That is, that segment of the market, the satisfaction of which needs will be the main focus in the development and implementation of a marketing strategy.

Competitive Environment Research

There are market shares occupied by competitors, their advantages and disadvantages. Determination of the goals that the enterprise should achieve as a result of the implementation of the strategy

Development Of Brand, Image, Values,

which will be decisive in building marketing communications and establishing sales channels

Risk Assessment

and possible alternative models for the development of the promotion strategy

prioritet group

Implementation Of The Strategy

In order to implement the developed marketing strategy, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of its goals and methods of implementation by the company's management and its key employees. After its approval, a plan is developed that describes in detail all marketing activities, promotion channels, intermediate goals and the period of their achievement.

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